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  1. EFX® 222 Energy™ Series

    EFX® 222 Energy™ Series

    Focus your workouts on toning muscles while building cardio endurance with the EFX® 222. This Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™ provides smooth, natural, low-impact workouts that help you get results. Select 3 ramp angles and 3 stride lengths with the manually adjustable CrossRamp®. And with the moving handlebars, you’ll engage your core and arms in a full body workout.
  2. EFX® 225 Energy™ Series

    EFX® 225 Energy™ Series

    The EFX® 225 gives you a fitness center EFX® elliptical experience at home. With the motorized CrossRamp® you can target your focus on specific muscles. The moving handlebars get your core and arms into the workout. The 10 preset workouts, SmartRate® target heart zone monitoring and 16 levels of resistance will keep you motivated and engaged even as your fitness increases. The 225 will continue to provide fun and challenging workouts no matter how far you progress.
  3. EFX® 447 Precision™ Series

    EFX® 447 Precision™ Series

    Bring the health club experience home with our top-of-the line premium EFX® 447. The motorized CrossRamp® automatically adjusts to focus on the muscle groups you select, and the convertible handlebars let you choose stationary or moving handlebars. With the most personalized workout options and information, the EFX 447 is the ideal long-term training partner
  4. EFX® 635 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™

    EFX® 635 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™

    The EFX 635 delivers on these essentials along with premium materials, club-level appearance, and features.
  5. EFX® 665 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™

    EFX® 665 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™

    The EFX 665 delivers on these essentials along with premium materials, club-level appearance, and features.
  6. XE195 Elliptical

    XE195 Elliptical

    The XE195 is our entry level elliptical. It is just as dependable as our other models, but with a few less programs and features.
  7. XE295 Elliptical

    XE295 Elliptical

    The XE295 is our mid-priced traditional elliptical.
  8. XE395 Elliptical

    XE395 Elliptical

    The XE395 is our top of the line traditional elliptical. It has the same features as the XE295 plus a power incline ramp and handlebar remote incline and resistance buttons.
  9. E80C Elliptical

    E80C Elliptical

    SportsArt’s residential cardio line embodies a strict adherence to producing durable and reliable products that incorporate excellent biomechanics.
  10. LK700X Elliptical

    LK700X Elliptical

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    The LK700X with its 20.5” stride length and ultra low step up height of only 7.75”, make it the ideal elliptical for settings with space constraints or low ceilings. The innovative upper front drive is smooth, silent and strong, adding to the durability while alleviating cumbersome guide rails and wheels, and ultimately reducing maintenance costs. Its minimal Q Factor provides the optimal biomechanics for less impact on the body during a workout.

10 Item(s)

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